Parenting!  The greatest blessing and a huge challenge.  We have been asked as parents to be a hundred different things: mom, dad, teacher, provider, entertainer, doctor, world explainer, fear suppressor, moral compass, news anchor....the list just goes on!  After months of multi-tasking, aren’t we all ready for stress-free family time?

Meet Stir!  We are three hard working moms who came together to build a fun family experience and take our girl power to the next level!  Between the 3 of us, we have 11 children ranging in age from 18 years old to 5 months!  We’ve done some mommin’ in our time and hope to bring that to Stir.

So here’s the basics:

- We are a mobile only experience

- Our products are centered around soda, hot chocolate, sweet treats and salty snacks

- Everything we make has a flare to it

- We want families to adventure and spend time together

- We are proudly women owned!

Stir truck #1 (we have lovingly named her Bonita Bad A*) will debut on November 14th, 2020.  We partnered with an amazing company called Cruisin Kitchens out of San Antonio, TX to create the slickest little modern farmhouse on wheels.   This trailer will primarily visit all of the festivals, carnivals, rodeos, and special events that TX has to offer.  So many great opportunities for families to get outside, visit different communities, and make memories!  The calendar section on our page lists all the confirmed dates and locations.  Stalk us on socials....we don’t mind at all.  

From so many years of being moms, we have learned a few pro tips on how to make it through family adventures.  Two major keys: snacks for the kids.....caffeine for the parents!  Stir sodas are the perfect place to get both!  Imagine a Sprite with coconut and lime for the kiddos with a cookie on a stick coming right out of the top!  For you, a big, ice cold 32 oz Coke with a double pump of cherry, one pump of vanilla, and a splash of heavy cream!  Locked, loaded, and ready to explore the festival.  Check out the menu section of our page for full details.  

We just want to be part of creating special experiences for families of every shape and size to try new things, get out and about, and live life to the fullest!  Come Stir it up with us!